VLB bread slicers is a company that is located at the top of the market of bread slicers. We produce modern bread slicers for craft bakeries and supermarkets. In addition to traditional devices, we can also help you with other cutting solutions, for example the vertical cutting of a hamburger sandwich or industrial solutions with a speed, which increases up to 500 units per minute. Our machines are worldwide known for their long lifespan and robust yet modern design. You can say that a VLB bread slicer contributes to the appearance of your store or supermarket. Another advantage of the VLB bread slicers is that it does not produce more than 72 decibel of noise.

Since 2014, VLB has moved to the Netherlands there our roots are in Belgium. During this time, VLB has been prepared for the future and transformed into a company that is ready for the future and keeps abreast of the times.

VLB operated worldwide with distributors in different countries and has a strong home base in Europe. VLB is not a brand that can be bought by any bakery. It can be said that VLB bread slicers is an exclusive brand. Our distributors are also companies that can and know how to handle VLB bread slicers.


The promise that VLB can make is the following ‘’a VLB will last a lifetime’’. It has been repeatedly proved in practice that several bakery generations have benefited from the purchase of a VLB. Some first-generation machines, dating back to 1947, still perform in small craft bakeries in Belgium. This phenomenon is something that makes us extremely proud and we will remain committed to keeping our promises in the future.

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