The VLB bread slicer is famous and notorious with its competitors for its long lifespan. VLB has more than 7 decades of knowledge and experience and the end consumer notices this. The VLB bread slicers have a robust yet very modern design which perfectly meets the expectations of the modern baker or supermarket owner. Other than the fact that the VLB bread slicers are a gem for the store, they also produce a very low noise level, not more than 72 decibel.

The reason for a VLB bread slicer is therefore obvious, but there is another very big advantage. The VLB bread slicers comply with all strict European laws and regulations on safety. This is a part where VLB has equipped their bread slicers with a luxurious form of safety, which is the crumb drawer protection. This means that once the drawer does not close properly, the machine will not operate. This is to prevent crumbs from falling under the machine. VLB bread slicers always thinks with the end consumer, even in the smallest details of convenience. As for safety, VLB has created a shield framework and applied these to the Eco-smart, Pano, WP2 and WPS.

The knife frame of a VLB bread slicer is unique as well. It is made of complete stainless steel and is extremely sturdy with large springs. The knife frame is attached with a double suspension. The knives of the VLB bread slicer are always on the ideal tension because of our unique knife frame, which ensures that that the knives will last longer and ensure perfect cutting quality for years.

We can say that VLB has enquired the right over the years by repeatedly proving that we produce the best machines in the world. We are convinced that you will also choose a VLB bread slicer.


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